Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Google+ hits 50 million users, adds Cityville to their Games Section

Google+ is the new meaning for sharing your ideas and thoughts.Everybody started to joined in this Google+ attracted to this social networking with in a small amount of time.Which it made a very huge success.

Now the Google+ had made a landmark of hitting a 50 million users with in 88 days.Actually invitation became to open to public a week ago.Users started registering like anything.To reach this figure Facebook taken about four years. and one more favorite our twitter made this happen in 3 years.
As the invitation was open to all users started to active their account 2 million per day.Soon there been lot more people to join in this. We could see big landmark from our Google.
To make this more interesting Google was trying to add the Zynga's CityVille most popular game in the Facebook to their Google Network.Wasn't it Interesting.


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